Semester reflections by JUNTOS’ Humane Educator Adora Negron

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While reflecting on this past school semester during the final days of the year, many moments and faces came to mind. Bright and smiling faces running up to me, hugs that never ended and breakthroughs with students that usually acted as if they didn’t care. It was great to welcome new students to the program, such as Milivi’s new admissions and Playa Grande’s Kinder and Montessori “Casa de NiƱos” groups, who were all simply adorable.

Working with the Montessori groups presented a new challenge and a different teaching method which did require some adjustments to the regular lessons.

Surprisingly, seventh graders, who as you know have attitudes that don’t fit in their bodies (We’ve all been there.) were exited to learn they would again have their Humane Education class in their new school, while those who would have it for the first time were curious to see what the others fuss was all about.

Although, as any teacher will tell you, not all days are great. Given that my classes were once a week, bad days seemed to linger on for seven days until we met again. These bad days actually served as inspiration and motivation. They gave me the insight of these children’s life, what they live day to day and how important and influential Humane Education can be in their lives and future.
Believe me, nobody wants to be in a classroom where three young adolescents are threatening to severely harm each other, but we can’t turn our backs and look away. It is real and all of humanity needs to work on this.

My vision as a Humane Educator is that by including teachings of compassion, responsibility, respect and empathy in daily lessons we will break the cycle of violence even before it starts, but also intervene when needed.
You may ask; What makes you think Humane Education can do this? In only a year, with lessons only once a week I have witnessed the power of Humane Education in the lives of children prone to violence

You may remember my story of a child who confessed having killed a cat because it killed one of his cock fighting chicks. After a year of Humane Education lessons once a week he has shown improvement in conduct and has been very involved in his new puppy’s health, taking him to scheduled appointments, asking questions and even participating in the checkups. Before our lessons he would enthusiastically narrate the checkup and share all he learned. Now he aspires to be a vet.

They are my inspiration, they are stars, each and everyone of them. With the right guidance these children are the lights of the future. We are all a part of this.

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    • Barbara Richert
    • January 12, 2015

    You are making a difference in this world. Thank you. One tear of appreciation in the corner of my eye!

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