End Dog Fighting Campaign

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The 20 de septiembre de 1988 Middle School says NO to dog fighting! During March students participated in a series of workshops to create awareness of the cruelty of dog fighting and motivate them to take action against this illegal practice. This series of workshops, films,presentations, games and art, allows their knowledge and empathy to become their most powerful tool.
The students realized that dog fighting not only hurts animals, but causes great danger to us as well, by bringing violence, fear and other illegal activities into communities.
They also learned how to read a dog’s body language to avoid injury and what to do if approched by a unknown dog. This is so important since we are surrounded by not only strays, but by dogs that have guardiands who let them roam out of their property.
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An interesting debate naturally occured during our lessons this passed month. Many students questioned why dog fighting is illegal but cockfighting is not. As usual, this topic does spark controversy. But it is a real issue they are exposed to. This is the beauty of humane education, creating awareness but allowing them to reach their own conclusions and use critical thinking to decide for themselves what’s right and wrong.
The scars left by dog fighting are not just skin deep. Help put an end to dog fighting! Report animal cruelty. Be their voice!
-Adora Negron Gomez (CHES)

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